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• 2 in. x 2 in. x 4 in.

• Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office decor

• Fits into a normal home or office electrical plug

• Certified by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association as safe for home and office use.

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Dear Member of the Press,

I believe the information available on this web site regarding the issue of "dirty electricity" in our homes, offices and schools may be of interest to you and merit further investigation.

Most people are not aware that electrical pollution — otherwise referred to as "dirty electricity" or "radio wave sickness" — exists, let alone are they are aware of how if affects the body.

Generated primarily by electronic devices (computers, televisions, energy efficient lighting) as well as the return flow of power through hydro lines, electrical pollution flows through our homes and, when measuring above a certain level, is internalized by the body.

The damaging effects manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, body aches and pains, ringing in the ears, dizziness, impaired sleep, memory loss and confusion.

For the sake of giving this issue more context, allow me to provide some background. Electricity distribution systems were set up in North America to carry linear 60 amp loads. This was acceptable provided the system included only simple light bulbs and motors, which run for long periods of time at predictable levels.

Introduce modern electronics and the accompanying demands on the system, and suddenly there are larger fluctuations which create harmonics and place much greater loads on the neutral wires of the system. As these neutral wires were not designed to carry that much energy, the excess energy is transferred through the ground and into our homes.

Granted, the reasons for my investigation into this issue began after I developed a persistent ringing in my left ear in the summer of 2004.

With a little investigation and luck, I met with Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University in Peterborough. She had been researching the effects of electrical pollution on the body and was working with Dave Stetzer in Wisconsin, an internationally recognized electrical engineer who also suffered from electrical sensitivity.

To cope with this problem, Stetzer had developed electronic filters (Graham-Stetzer filters) in conjunction with Dr Martin Graham (University of Berkley, Professor Emeritus) that removed the 'dirty electricity' from the home environment.

Following his lead, I sampled the filters (which plug directly into standard electrical outlets) in my home.  Within a week, the ringing in my ear had notably subsided, so I placed more filters throughout my house. The change in my home has since been remarkable, not to mention the fact my young children are calmer and life seems less stressful.

Currently, Dr. Magda Havas at Trent University is the only professional researching the effects these filters. She has just completed a study of MS sufferers and found that at least 60% of people experience relief in their symptoms.

Dr. Havas has also found that diabetics (her current study) experience a lower fasting blood sugar level (for Type I, Type II and pre-Diabetics), and thus require less insulin.

Tinnitus sufferers have experienced a relief in symptoms (see PDF: Dirty Electricity and Electrical Hypersensitivity: Five Case Studies, World Health Organization Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, 25-26 October, 2004, Prague, Czech Republic. Dr Havas can be reached at Trent University, 748-1011 ext. 1232 or by email at

For the sake of follow-up, I've also included a number of other contacts in case one of your producers cares to conduct any preliminary research:

  • Brad Blumbergs is a young man in Oshawa with progressive MS who believes that Graham-Stetzer have dramatically improved his life. He can be reached at 905-430-1331.

  • Michelle Illiatovich"s daughter is electrically sensitive and has the filters installed at her school and her home. She can be contacted at 416-485-3948 and

  • Rose Smith, a breast cancer survivor whose symptoms return if she is not in an electrically clean environment, would also be willing to discuss the matter. She can be reached at 905-735-8455.

  • Dave Stetzer is always very available to speak about the filters and the effect they have on the environment. He can be reached at Stetzer Electric, 608-989-2571 (Wisconsin) or at

  • Martin Weatherall, from Bright, Ontario, is battling Hydro One with regards to the ground current flowing through his home (documented using gauss meters, performed by Dave Stetzer). I have a copy of his letter to the Health Minister, requesting a response to his particular situation, if required. He can be reached at or at 519-463-6251.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this material, for more information contact:


Pure Power Solutions
P.O. Box 286
Buckhorn, ON
K0L 1J0

705 731 7962

email address

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