Filter Characteristics

• 2 in. x 2 in. x 4 in.

• Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office decor

• Fits into a normal home or office electrical plug

• Certified by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association as safe for home and office use.


Product Overview

The Graham-Stetzer Filter and
the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter

Two devices that could represent a significant and positive change to your health, and to the comfort and functionality of your home.

Designed to simply plug into electrical outlets or power strips throughout your home, the GS Filter effectively removes or reduces high frequency pollutants from electrical wiring.

The handheld Microsurge Meter, which also plugs into an available outlet, allows you to then measure the effectiveness of your filter set-up.

Product Overview

What You Need: Recommended Usage

To help combat the negative effects of dirty electricity, it's recommended that the average home install 20 Graham-Stetzer filters.

To ensure optimum performance of the filters, the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter is highly recommended to help monitor the effectiveness of the filter arrangement. The Meter measures the amount of high frequency energy present.

Please note that the sensitivities of people do vary. Experience has shown (see Consumer Information Fact Sheet) that for readings above 40, additional filters should definitely be added. For readings above 30, more benefits are probable if additional filters are added.

Meter Reading (GS units) Condition Recommended Action
Less than 20 Ideal Monitor weekly
20 to 30 Acceptable Monitor weekly
31 to 39 Marginal Install additional filters
40 or more Undesirable Install additional filters

Please note that it is ineffective to rely on simply two or three filters to maintain a clean and healthy environment. To maximize the effectiveness of the Graham-Stetzer filters, users should place filters throughout their homes, doubling up where such devices as computers, entertainment centres and printers exist.  

Product Overview

How The Graham-Stetzer Filter Works

The Graham-Stetzer Filter is actually based on 100 year-old electromagnetic theory redesigned and engineered for a modern application.

Much like we protect our electronic equipment with surge suppressors, the Graham-Stetzer Filters are designed to reduce the amplitude of microsurges on indoor wiring, proving most effective within the frequency range of 4 to 100 kHz.

By reducing the intensity of these high frequency microsurges the filter effectively diminishes the amount of dirty electricity in your environment, and hence the most harmful type of electrical frequencies.

The Stetzer filter fits into a normal home or office electrical plug, and has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) — the foremost certification agency for electrical equipment and Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) in the States as safe for home and office use.

This unique product can be safely installed by anyone, and thanks to its straightforward design and functionality, has an extensive life span.

Product Overview

Health Benefits

Empirical evidence shows that by equipping your home with Graham-Stetzer filters you can alleviate some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with electrical hypersensitivity, including chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, head aches, body aches and memory loss.

Studies to date suggest that a reduction in the amount of dirty electricity can help those who suffer from a range of other health-related concerns (see Resources for supporting material) including such prominent diseases as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and tinnitus, as well as the following:

Neurological — headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, muscle and joint pain and muscle spasms

Cardiac — Palpitations, arrhythmia, low or high blood pressure, shortness of breath

Respiratory — Sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma

Dermatological — Skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing

Ophthalmological — Pain or burning in eyes, pressure in or behind eyes, deteriorating vision, cataracts

Others — Digestive problems, dehydration, immune abnormalities, pain in teeth, impaired sense of smell.


Excerpted from No Place to Hide, by Arthur Firstenberg, April 2001

It should be made clear that in no way does the Graham-Stetzer Filter profess to be a panacea for people who are affected by or suffer from any of the above mentioned health issues. Research, however, does indicate that there has been substantial improvement in the quality of life of those people who are hypersensitive to excessive levels of electrical current..

A New Approach to an Old Problem

The fact is the idea of “dirty electricity” isn't new. What is new is the realization that it is a problem that may be affecting far more people than was previously recognized. And now with the Graham-Stetzer Filter and the Graham-Stetzer MicroSurge Meter, you have the opportunity to guard against the ill effects that electrical pollution has upon you, your family and your home.

Product Overview


“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time that the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming...”

Robert O Becker, M.D., Author of Cross Currents and The Body Electric.


"Preliminary results are absolutely remarkable. People are experiencing better quality sleep and are enjoying higher energy levels during the day. Not only do these filters help people who are electrically sensitive, they are having a positive impact on people with multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

More specifically, results from pilot studies show that some people with MS who previously had difficulty walking or were dependent on canes are now walking unassisted and with reduced pain. Diabetics who had the filters installed in their homes have lower fasting blood sugar levels and require less insulin."

Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D (Toronto)
Environmental & Resource Science/Studies
Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.


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What is Dirty Electricity? Consumer Information Fact Sheet.


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Filter Characteristics

• 2 in. x 2 in. x 4 in.

• Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office decor

• Fits into a normal home or office electrical plug

• Certified by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association as safe for home and office use.


Product Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

STETZERiZER [Graham-Stetzer] Filters For Home and Office.

How many Graham-Stetzer filters does my home require?

Dirty electricity comes from 3 sources.

It comes in from your Hydro lines, the electrical activity of your neighbours (such as turning on the computer, dimmer switches, etc) and what you generate within your own home.

The number of filters required for the average home (1100 — 1800 sq ft) is 20. The average home has one computer, 1-2 regular (not plasma or LCD) TV sets, few dimmer switches (which put a lot of resistance on the circuits), and little halogen lighting. As there are so many variables in the amount of dirty electricity in the home, each home is different.

To help you estimate the number of filters your home might need, please follow these guidelines:
For homes larger than the average home (1100 — 1800 sq ft):
For each additional 1000 sq ft in the size of your home, add 6 filters.
For each additional computer, add 2 filters.
For plasma TV sets, add 3 filters.
For each set of halogen lights, add 1 filter to your total.

Dave Stetzer recommends that all dimmer switches be removed from the home.

And please do not forget your computer at work, which would take 2 filters.

What are STETZERiZER Filters for?

STETZERiZER Filters remove or reduce high-frequency pollutants from the electrical wiring in your home or business.

How can I tell if I need STETZERiZER Filters?

If you and your neighbors have electronic equipment connected to electric outlets you need STETZERiZER Filters. The STETZERiZER Microsurge meter can be used as an aid in determining exactly how many filters you may need.

How many STETZERiZER Filters do I need?

It usually takes 20 filters to effectively “clean up” the average home. Homes with more electronic equipment (i.e. computers, printers, fax machines, televisions) may require more filters. View our filter installation instructions for more information.

What is the lifespan of STETZERiZER Filters?

STETZERiZER Filters are not like oil filters that fill up with use. They are an electronic component, and should last a lifetime.

Do I need an electrician to install STETZERiZER Filters?

No. STETZERiZER Filters are designed so that anyone can properly install them. Simply plug the filters into an electrical outlet or power strip.

How do I install STETZERiZER Filters in my home?

Go to Product Detail filter installation instructions for more information.

I plugged in a STETZERiZER Filter and there was a spark. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal for the filters to spark when being plugged in. This should not hurt you, your electronic equipment, or the filters.

I plugged in a STETZERiZER Filter and it started humming. Should it do this?

No. When a STETZERiZER Filter is humming, it is overloaded. To resolved this problem, simply plug in more filters. Remember, it takes an average of 20 filters to clean up a home. One or two filters cannot do the work of twenty.

How can I tell if a STETZERiZER Filter is working?

The only way to tell if a STETZERiZER Filter is working is with the use of an oscilloscope or specially designed meter. However, many people claim they can tell the filters are working because they start to feel better.

What does the STETZERiZER Filter look like?

Filter Characteristics

• 2 in. x 2 in. x 4 in.
• Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office decor
• Fits into a normal home or office electrical plug
• Certified by Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association as safe for home and office use.

Canadian Distributor of Graham-Stetzer filters.
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